Vuser is an application designed to ease the work for system administrators. It's primary function is to aggregate the various tasks that go into adding users, web sites, whatever into a single command.

Vuser can be run as simple shell command or can be used in batch mode or via its SOAP daemon, vsoapd, to make running commands on remote systems much easier.

A well defined extension system makes adding new features a simple matter. New extensions can use keywords and actions from other extensions allowing an admin to add tasks to only those things that need to be extended.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Email Problems with (Update: fixed)

My apologies to anyone who has been trying to email me. I just noticed yesterday that I there is a problem with the MX records for It looks like I have a bogus CNAME record for '@' which I am working with GoDaddy to get sorted out. Until then, if you have questions about vuser or VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI, ask in the vuser-users group and I'll help out there.

Updated 4 Mar 2009: Looks like I got my DNS problems fixed. Test emails have worked from various domains. Let the mail flow.